Interview with Anime Reviewer – Anime Girls NYC

The name Stephanie Clarke may not ring a bell in your head, but ask someone about Anime Girls NYC and they’ll immediately tell you about the popular anime review website. Anime Girls NYC is one of the most popular anime review website about which I came to know through WordPress. And I thought why not ask her if she’s interested in doing a brief interview for my blog.


After a brief correspondence she agreed and lo and behold! here we are with the interview. After reading the answers to her questions particularly the one dealing with her reviewing process, I found out that she really tries to go in-depth with the review writing notes, taking screenshots etc. which shows her dedication towards her readers to provide them with a comprehensive reviews of the shows.

I’m so excited to present this interview for you guys, I know that you’re all gonna enjoy this one just as much as you enjoyed the previous interviews. Hence, without any further ado here’s my interview with Anime Girls NYC:-

1.) Can you please tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’ve been watching anime since I was 10. My first anime was Dragon Ball Z. After watching Goku fight his brother Raditz and then the episode leaving me with a cliff-hanger, I knew this was the show to watch. Ever since then I started watching more Anime from Sailor moon to Pokémon. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized how much of an anime fan I was.

2.) What initiated you into reviewing anime?

I started to review anime by realizing after starting my social medias for Anime Girls NYC and how popular they were, I’ve decided to create a blog where I can go into depth with anime. You are kind of limited on social media. The blog platform gives you enough room to be creative with your stuff. Now I can really talk about the anime I love and hate to watch!

3.) Can you describe your process of reviewing an anime for the readers?

My process of reviewing an anime is while I watch the anime I will have a paper next to me or my phone jotting down notes. (I.e. a plot twist, character development and etc) Also, a 22 minute show for others will turn into an hour show for me because of the many times I have to stop and write down something. Also, all the screen shots I have to take or retake because the scene I wanted to grab didn’t come out right. After I finish all these steps I start taking my notes and my thoughts on them and create a review.

4.) What do you think makes a great anime, plot or characters?

What I think makes a great story is both plot and character. First you need a plot/storyline that the characters can follow. Then you need characters to carry the plot. Without one of the other it wouldn’t be a great anime.  You need the plot to keep your audience interested in what is going to happen with the characters and the whole story itself. Then you need the characters for your audience to fall in love with or to hate.

5.) Can you tell us some of your favourite anime and manga?

My favourite anime is Death Note. The psychological approach to this anime was amazing. The god like mind of Light Yagami to the God like mind of L. I loved the cat and dog chase.

My favourite Manga is Deadman Wonderland. I love the character development in this manga. The psychological approach to this manga is so good.

6.) What are your views on anime being adapted into live-action films? As an anime fan do you think they’re necessary?

If you have read my blog you may see I slip in a few slick comments about live action adaptions. Personally, I always feel like they fail. They always receive bad reviews. They never grasp the concept of what the anime and manga brings. The action is catered to keeping the audience engaged instead of sticking to the actual storyline. I do not think they are necessary.

7.) Apart from watching anime what other activities are you interested in?

Besides watching anime, I am a very active person. I go out with my friends a lot, bowling, partying, karaoke. I also like to cosplay at events. I travel places because of my job and for personal reasons. This list can be very long. Haha!

8.) What genre of anime do you usually prefer watching? And what genre would you like to explore next?

The genre of anime I prefer watching is Psychological, horror and action. Those are my favourites. The next genre which I recently just started to explore more is sports. I never wanted to watch sports anime but after watching Haikyu I was hooked.

9.) Any particular anime you’re excited for this year?

The anime I am excited for this year and am currently watching is 91 days. I like the 1920’s and the prohibition time in America. I like revenge stories. This has all of it in it. So, pretty excited for more episodes.

10.) For the readers who would like to connect with you on Social Networks can you tell them where and how to find you?

To reach me on social media:

Facebook PageAnime Girls NYC


Twitter: @animegirlsnyc


In conclusion, I would like to thank Ms. Clarke for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview for my blog, I really really appreciate it. A big thank you to all the people who are constantly supporting this blog everyday, and I hope to keep you all entertained with this type of content. So, once again guys please do check out Ms. Clarke’s website and do support her, like her Facebook Page, and also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

If you want to follow me on any of the above social networks you can check out my “About” page to find the links. Thank you so much guys for reading this article and I hope you all have a nice day!




Barakamon (2014) Anime Review by Aaroh Palkar

Barakamon directed by Masaki Tachibana with Daisuke Ono, Suzuko Hara, Rumi Ōkubo and Nozomi Furuki.


Summary :

Professional calligrapher Seishū Handa is sent off to a remote island as a punishment by his father for punching an elderly curator of an exhibition.

So, I usually try watching at least one or two anime series in a year and Barakamon is one such show which I finally saw after being recommended to me by a friend.

Barakamon belongs to the comedy and slice of life genre. It is the sort of anime you can watch and just have fun. Its story is simple and all of the characters are immensely likable. The dialogue for both the funny and the dramatic scenes are so well written. The art of this show is amazing as well as the soundtrack. The voice acting is top notch which helps a lot in making the characters unique as well as likable.

So, here are my detailed thoughts about this anime :

1.) The story is so beautiful and simple. The setting in this story plays a very important part. The villagers on this island, each and everyone of them plays an important form in the story. Every person and yes I am referring to them as people because that is how real they felt to me.

Every person breathes life into the story. From the cute and adorable Naru to the butt jabbing Kenta, every character has something or the other setting them apart. These villagers haven’t always been to the city which is why their lifestyle is entirely different. The sense of community and this friendship they have with each other makes them believable to me.

2.) The voice acting in this anime is top notch. Every character has this own unique personality to him. Daisuke Ono as the lead Handa does an amazing job as this anti-social egoistic artist who slowly starts liking these villagers. Suzuko Hara as Naru really makes her as one of the most adorable characters I’ve ever seen in an anime. Rumi Ōkubo as Tamako, this young girl who wants to be a mangaka/manga artist was immensely weird when required which was quite a lot of fun.

3.) The art in this anime is so beautiful. I don’t why but watching Barakamon really mesmerizes me. The colors in the show look rich. The sea, character colors etc. look really good on a big screen tv.

4.) The show comprises of 12 episodes which makes it really easy for binge watching. And as the episodes are paced so wonderfully you never even realize that it got over so quick which kinda makes you watch the next episode by default.

5.) This show’s dramatic moments are not at all depressing or sad. Even the comedic elements are not the “in your face” type. Everything is balanced out wonderfully. After such a long time did I get so invested in an anime after Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I had a blast watching this.

So, guys I would recommend all of you to check out this funny, crazy, emotional and adorable show because of its story, its setting and likable characters.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.






Brick (2005) Movie Review by Aaroh Palkar

Brick directed by Rian Johnson with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nora Zehetner, Lukas Haas and Noah Fleiss.


Summary :

Brendan Frye investigates the death of his ex-girlfriend after she dies under mysterious circumstances.

So, Brick is a detective movie about this weird but smart kid trying to find the killer/killers of his ex-girlfriend. This is a good movie but it has its flaws. The dialogues in this movie are filled with slang which actually make the dialogue difficult to understand at first. If you actually sit through the first half an hour you slowly start getting the hang of the slang.

Then comes the plot. So,the plot becomes a bit difficult to understand because of two things :

a.) The movie’s pace is really fast. I mean this is not a “I-can-watch-this -while-texting-flick.” You really need to pay attention to the film to keep up. Every scene has something important happening in it. I actually had to go back some scenes just to get a hang of what happened then.

b.) As the plot moves quickly and because of the slang filled dialogue you actually get confused as to who is who and why is this particular thing happening. This movie will definitely require another viewing.

What I think here the thing is that this movie is maybe for the more “serious” cinema goers. The ones who watch a movie again and again to analyze every shot and dialogue. I highly doubt any casual movie fan can enjoy this without getting a little confused and irritated. And by no means do I think I am an artsy fart who thinks can enjoy any sort of movie. I myself got confused while watching this movie and was about to give up but then I thought of completing it anyway.

My thoughts on this movie are as follows :-

1.) Even though I complained about the dialogue being confusing, if you actually start understanding the terms then you really start loving the dialogues as they don’t give away too much. And it really is fun to just hear things like,”She copped the junk” and “He wants cash on the nail.” etc.

2.) The score is really good which helps in creating this tense environment. Guitars and these bells you hear are really soft on the ears and help in creating a sense of tension.

3.) This is one of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s earlier work and it really shows how dynamic he really is. I really couldn’t believe this was the guy who later down the years will become Jon in Don Jon or Blake in The Dark Knight Rise or Arthur in Inception. This guy is really an amazing actor.

50/50 is a comedy film about a guy having cancer and this guy’s performance as the said cancer patient actually made me tear up in some scenes. We are truly lucky to have such an actor working in the industry.

4.) The other thing with this movie is that sometimes I actually found it funny. The reason being I found it a bit weird that these high school kids are doing such things and the parents don’t even care. But, that’s my opinion so I don’t know maybe it will lay out differently for you.

So guys Brick is a really good detective movie which requires all of your attention but it pays off really well in the end. I would recommend you to check this out if not for anything then Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance as Brendan Frye.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.