Barakamon (2014) Anime Review by Aaroh Palkar

Barakamon directed by Masaki Tachibana with Daisuke Ono, Suzuko Hara, Rumi Ōkubo and Nozomi Furuki.


Summary :

Professional calligrapher Seishū Handa is sent off to a remote island as a punishment by his father for punching an elderly curator of an exhibition.

So, I usually try watching at least one or two anime series in a year and Barakamon is one such show which I finally saw after being recommended to me by a friend.

Barakamon belongs to the comedy and slice of life genre. It is the sort of anime you can watch and just have fun. Its story is simple and all of the characters are immensely likable. The dialogue for both the funny and the dramatic scenes are so well written. The art of this show is amazing as well as the soundtrack. The voice acting is top notch which helps a lot in making the characters unique as well as likable.

So, here are my detailed thoughts about this anime :

1.) The story is so beautiful and simple. The setting in this story plays a very important part. The villagers on this island, each and everyone of them plays an important form in the story. Every person and yes I am referring to them as people because that is how real they felt to me.

Every person breathes life into the story. From the cute and adorable Naru to the butt jabbing Kenta, every character has something or the other setting them apart. These villagers haven’t always been to the city which is why their lifestyle is entirely different. The sense of community and this friendship they have with each other makes them believable to me.

2.) The voice acting in this anime is top notch. Every character has this own unique personality to him. Daisuke Ono as the lead Handa does an amazing job as this anti-social egoistic artist who slowly starts liking these villagers. Suzuko Hara as Naru really makes her as one of the most adorable characters I’ve ever seen in an anime. Rumi Ōkubo as Tamako, this young girl who wants to be a mangaka/manga artist was immensely weird when required which was quite a lot of fun.

3.) The art in this anime is so beautiful. I don’t why but watching Barakamon really mesmerizes me. The colors in the show look rich. The sea, character colors etc. look really good on a big screen tv.

4.) The show comprises of 12 episodes which makes it really easy for binge watching. And as the episodes are paced so wonderfully you never even realize that it got over so quick which kinda makes you watch the next episode by default.

5.) This show’s dramatic moments are not at all depressing or sad. Even the comedic elements are not the “in your face” type. Everything is balanced out wonderfully. After such a long time did I get so invested in an anime after Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I had a blast watching this.

So, guys I would recommend all of you to check out this funny, crazy, emotional and adorable show because of its story, its setting and likable characters.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.







Brick (2005) Movie Review by Aaroh Palkar

Brick directed by Rian Johnson with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nora Zehetner, Lukas Haas and Noah Fleiss.


Summary :

Brendan Frye investigates the death of his ex-girlfriend after she dies under mysterious circumstances.

So, Brick is a detective movie about this weird but smart kid trying to find the killer/killers of his ex-girlfriend. This is a good movie but it has its flaws. The dialogues in this movie are filled with slang which actually make the dialogue difficult to understand at first. If you actually sit through the first half an hour you slowly start getting the hang of the slang.

Then comes the plot. So,the plot becomes a bit difficult to understand because of two things :

a.) The movie’s pace is really fast. I mean this is not a “I-can-watch-this -while-texting-flick.” You really need to pay attention to the film to keep up. Every scene has something important happening in it. I actually had to go back some scenes just to get a hang of what happened then.

b.) As the plot moves quickly and because of the slang filled dialogue you actually get confused as to who is who and why is this particular thing happening. This movie will definitely require another viewing.

What I think here the thing is that this movie is maybe for the more “serious” cinema goers. The ones who watch a movie again and again to analyze every shot and dialogue. I highly doubt any casual movie fan can enjoy this without getting a little confused and irritated. And by no means do I think I am an artsy fart who thinks can enjoy any sort of movie. I myself got confused while watching this movie and was about to give up but then I thought of completing it anyway.

My thoughts on this movie are as follows :-

1.) Even though I complained about the dialogue being confusing, if you actually start understanding the terms then you really start loving the dialogues as they don’t give away too much. And it really is fun to just hear things like,”She copped the junk” and “He wants cash on the nail.” etc.

2.) The score is really good which helps in creating this tense environment. Guitars and these bells you hear are really soft on the ears and help in creating a sense of tension.

3.) This is one of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s earlier work and it really shows how dynamic he really is. I really couldn’t believe this was the guy who later down the years will become Jon in Don Jon or Blake in The Dark Knight Rise or Arthur in Inception. This guy is really an amazing actor.

50/50 is a comedy film about a guy having cancer and this guy’s performance as the said cancer patient actually made me tear up in some scenes. We are truly lucky to have such an actor working in the industry.

4.) The other thing with this movie is that sometimes I actually found it funny. The reason being I found it a bit weird that these high school kids are doing such things and the parents don’t even care. But, that’s my opinion so I don’t know maybe it will lay out differently for you.

So guys Brick is a really good detective movie which requires all of your attention but it pays off really well in the end. I would recommend you to check this out if not for anything then Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance as Brendan Frye.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Dragonball: Evolution (2009) Movie Review by Aaroh Palkar

Dragonball: Evolution Directed by Justin Wong with Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Emmy Rossum and Yun-Fat Chow.


Summary :

Goku goes on a journey to collect the seven dragonballs to stop the warlord Piccolo.

So, last night after I completed my The Emperor’s New Groove review I thought why not review a bad film. So, I went through my movie collection and I found Dragonball:Evolution.

I’d seen this movie back in 2010 and I’d kinda forgotten bits and pieces of it. So, yesterday I sat down, put the disk in the movie player and I LOST MY SANITY !!!

Let me give you my thoughts on DBE:

1.) So, what is wrong with DBE ?

The answer is everything ! I grew up watching Dragonball Z on Cartoon Network. A live-action Dragonball Z film would be any fan’s dream. But, this movie takes a giant turd on the entire source material and the characters. It’s even mentioned in the credits,”Based on the graphic novel by Akira Toriyama.” I mean this is so bad. There is a complete manga series which they could’ve used for as source material but they didn’t.

2.) There are many things which they got wrong and they’re as follows and the points given here are not in any proper order of the movie it’s just what I felt was wrong in the movie pointed out.

Here we go :

a.) What the fuck is this blood moon eclipse thing ? It’s not even in the anime. They even got the model of the Dragon Radar wrong. It’s not even called Dragon Radar in the movie.

b.) Then Goku tells his grandfather to teach him how to talk to girls because he’s different from others in the school. I mean this is so bad. You already started butchering the original story and now you’re defecating on our beloved childhood hero too ? Goku in the anime is an alien he never has seen any other humans except his grandfather but no, they didn’t keep this in the story but instead went with the high school crap.

c.) Piccolo’s face looks like Peter Greene after he wears the mask in The Mask. Piccolo is the main villain in the movie and he doesn’t even have much screen time and what is that shit with the flying CG machine ? And who is this weird hot Asian chick as his sidekick ?

d.) Then there is this shit with the characters and their acting. So, the thing is that everyone’s acting in this movie is abysmal. Justin Chatwin as Goku I mean were they high ? And then Yun-Fat Chow as Master Roshi is so bad. I started feeling uncomfortable whenever he would be on the screen. This whole movie made me feel uncomfortable. Emmy Rossum as Bulma was kinda OK I guess. And then there is Joon Park as Yamcha who is just there in the movie with bad ADR and speaking of Yamcha where the fuck is Puar ? James Marsters acting as Piccolo is just plain boring. The “Evil Piccolo” in the anime is so full of himself and just plain scary. But, here the Piccolo is like,”Meh, I’ll just takeover the world because I have nothing else to do.”

e.) They couldn’t even get fucking Shenron correct. They show us some low budget CG generic grey colored dragon. In what universe was Shenron grey ? Stop killing my childhood !

f.) I think the newer generation would end up liking this movie because if you’ve not seen Dragon Ball Z the anime or read the manga. Or if you don’t know who Goku, Master  Roshi and Piccolo is then this movie is for you. Seriously, you will enjoy this movie if you don’t have any idea about these things and if you don’t believe me check out the review section of this movie on IMDB. There are people who actually love this steaming bag of shit and want a sequel.

g.) Last but not the least is the fighting sequences which were done so poorly. The energy blasts looked like shit. The Kamehameha, one of the most enacted move by the fans is converted into some weird slow yoga thing.

The only reason I could stand watching this movie was because of this review. Otherwise I would’ve thrown it away that instant. My advice to all of you is to go watch the anime or read the manga but don’t ever come near this movie unless you want to be scarred for your life.




The Emperor’s New Groove (2000) Movie Review by Aaroh Palkar

The Emperor’s New Groove by Mark Dindal with David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt and Patrick Warburton.


Summary :

A cocky and self-centered Emperor Kuzco is turned into a llama by his nemesis and with the help of a gentle villager he must try to change himself back into a human and win his kingdom again.

I love Disney movies but this one definitely steals the cake. I googled one day for funny animated movies and I found this movie in that list. So I thought why not give this one a go and I enjoyed this movie to my fullest. I laughed my ass off.

Now people are always gloating about Up, Toy Story, Aladdin etc. but I think this is one of those less discovered gems because this movie is really really funny. It’s duration is like an hour or something and I was so invested in the story that I didn’t even realize that I’d reached the last 20 minutes or so.

I don’t know if this is Disney’s fault for not marketing it well or what because you won’t believe it but this movie failed to go against Dude Where’s my Car ? I mean seriously the animation in this movie looks so good. I sometimes prefer animation like this rather than making it look almost plastic like Mars Needs Mom or what not.

So, I’ll quickly give you my thoughts regarding this movie :

1.) The voice acting done by David Spade as Kuzco is top notch. His voice is a perfect match for the character of this Emperor who’s so full of himself and that he doesn’t care about the hardships faced by anyone else but still making it funny. Eartha Kitt’s performace as the Nemesis Yzma is well done but I love Patrick Warburton’s work as this stupid and lovable  sidekick to Yzma.

2.) The dialogue in this movie is amazing. There is this scene concerning a waterfall and it is so funny. The ‘wrong lever’ bit is well done as well as the diner scene. There are some really good lines in this movie which you don’t find in animated movies a lot except a few A-Grade movies like Up or Inside Out.

3.) One more thing I love about the movie is that there is no usual love interest crap which we find in every movie be it animated or live-action. It just sticks to this one simple plot it has and carries the story forward through gags and dialogue.

4.) This movie like Inside Out or Toy Story or Finding Nemo can be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

5.) I still can’t believe that this movie failed to make more than “Dude Where’s my Car ?” this is simply outrageous and the reason is that DWMC got negative reviews while this one got positive reviews and still it lost. But, anyways it’s in the past so no need of crying about that now.

So, guys I would like to say that If you haven’t seen this film please do check it out because this is a perfect 5/5 movie in my opinion this is a perfect weekend movie.

Thank you for reading have a nice day.




Pulp Fiction (1994) Movie Review by Aaroh Palkar

Pulp Fiction directed by Quentin Tarantino. With John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman.


So, carrying on with my movie reviews of every movie directed by Quentin Tarantino until the release of The Hateful Eight, today I will be reviewing Tarantino’s 1994 cult hit Pulp Fiction.

I remember  watching this movie in 2011 because I’d seen Reservoir Dogs and I thought why not watch his next film. Boy, was I so happy that I did that because this movie is amazing !

If anybody hasn’t seen a Tarantino film I would highly recommend you to check out Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction because I’ve always found out that dialogue in a Tarantino movie is its USP. The plot is always so simple yet the dialogue makes it into something different.

I sometimes think Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are an important part of film history because these movies changed the game for the entire industry. These movies show that if you create an interesting plot with compelling dialogue and an amazing soundtrack people will go and see that movie.

This is what a story driven film is like. So, now I’ll state those things about this movie which I loved and some things which I didn’t :

1.) So, in Reservoir Dogs in the opening diner scene the discussion they have about the interpretation of Madonna’s song “Like a Virgin” and the debate which arises between Harvey Keitel and Steve Buscemi when he doesn’t tip wasn’t actually something important for the story though it gave a little background on Steve Buscemi’s character in a minor way it still was interesting.

But, what Pulp Fiction does here correctly is when during the opening scene Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer discuss which places they can rob is actually important to the plot. So, this is one difference I’ve found in this movie. Even the foot massage bit between John Travolta and Samuel Jackson is important to the story in a minor way as it is recalled in a scene after that.

2.) The second thing I would like to talk about is the pawnshop scene with Bruce Willis. I mean that scene is some next level thing. I saw this in 2011 and then I saw this directly yesterday so I had forgotten a few things. But man, once I saw this I was blown away. I know that Tarantino may have made this scene to creep out or even terrify audiences and it actually worked but I also found it funny.

3.) Harvey Keitel’s role was somewhat James Bond-ish but it was amazing I loved his character. Portraying him as an immaculate and precise guy. We also get to see a minor role played by Quentin Tarantino and he does a great job as well. His role didn’t seem that different to me from his role as Mr.Brown in Reservoir Dogs it’s almost as if he’s playing himself but I still love his cameos.

4.) The end of the movie is satisfactory, I think Tarantino further improved his craft by creating something very different and making it in a way which was accepted easily by the audience.

I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen this movie to watch it at least once for the story, the dialogue and the Briefcase because this is an important part of film history and pop culture and those who’ve already seen this should at least give this movie another go just to really get those minor nuances which are present and also because this is a terrific movie !

So, going on with the reviews my next review before my exams commence will be Tarantino’s third film Jackie Brown

Reservoir Dogs (1992) Movie Review by Aaroh Palkar

So, I made this little announcement on Instagram that I want to review all the Tarantino films before The Hateful Eight releases. So, yesterday I saw Reservoir Dogs. This was my third viewing of the film. I enjoy Quentin Tarantino’s style a lot. His stories are not that unique but the dialogue is amazing. Dialogue in a Tarantino film flows so smoothly that it makes you feel as if you’re watching normal people having a regular conversation. So, going by the chronological order the first film is going to be Reservoir Dogs and yes I know his first film was My Best Friend’s Birthday released in 1987 but I’m going to watch all his mainstream feature films. So, yes the first film will be Reservoir Dogs and will end with Django Unchained.



Reservoir Dogs.


Six criminals plan to rob a jewelery store but something there goes awfully wrong which leads them to believe that they have an undercover agent amidst them.

1.) Ok, so this is the debut feature film by Tarantino and my God is it amazing. So, the unique thing about the plot of this movie is that they never show the robbery or the heist taking place. They just show what has happened to the surviving members. The cast contains Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, Michael Madsen and a few more including a short role by the director Quentin Tarantino as one of the criminals.

2.) The dialogue is so good. I know I am gushing a lot about the dialogue but seriously it’s just frickin good. The opening seen where they are discussing about the meaning behind Madonna’s song,’Like a Virgin’ and the debate which arises when Steve Buscemi’s character doesn’t tip. Now, all of these things aren’t really important but still they are executed by the actors in such a way that you end up listening to them with a great interest.

3.) The next thing is the acting. Steve Buscemi is amazing, I mean he is the first guy who is certain that there is an informer amongst them. Unfortunately we don’t get much information on his background in the film which I would’ve liked. Then there is Michael Madsen who is not sane of mind. I read it on IMDB that he couldn’t do the torture scenes becuase he didn’t condone violence but the way he does it in the movie made me fear the man. Then there are good performances by Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth though I think if I give too much about them then the plot might get spoilt.

4.) The fact that you don’t get to actually see the robbery is very interesting as you actually don’t know what happened there but only get to know fragments about it through dialogues. But, if you want to know what happens during the robbery you can play the PS2 game of this movie but I guess that is extinct.

5.) The ending of the movie is really satisfying. No loose ends are left except character info on some of the criminals. But all in all this is a terrific film without any useless filler it just gets straight to the point. The pace of the plot is fast which will make that hour and a half go by fairly quickly.

So, this was my review of Reservoir Dogs and the next review will be of Tarantino’s cult hit Pulp Fiction.

WWE theories- What if Sheamus cashes in on the NXT title ?

Ok I just had the most weird idea in the world. Now everyone knows that Sheamus is the current holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase and he still hasn’t cashed it in for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now I came up with this theory on the basis that the Money in the Bank briefcase holder can actually cash in on any championship whenever he pleases till the next year beginning on the night he wins. So, my theory is that WWE wants us to only focus on one fact that Sheamus will one day cash in for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But, what if he cashes it in for another championship ?

Is it the United States Championship ? No.
Is it the Intercontinental Championship ? No.

Now, he won’t go after the tag team championships that’s a no-brainer but what if he cashes in on the one championship no one ever thought he would cash it on it. I am talking about the NXT Championship. Ok please bear with me on this, this is somewhat of a rough storyline I’ve developed and it is crude as of this stage but if WWE can pull it off then it might actually be really interesting in its own way.

So, Finn Balor is going to face Apollo Crews this Wednesday and there are reports that Samoa Joe might turn Heel then. So, I want you to forget the Samoa Joe turning heel part let’s just assume he’s still going to feud more with Tyler Breeze. So, on Wednesday NXT starts and right at the beginning comes Sheamus with the briefcase wearing jeans and a T-shirt so anybody would think that he’s just here as a guest. So he cuts a small promo saying I want to know what is all this fuss about NXT being better than RAW and Smackdown and is going to see for himself if the NXT superstars live up to their hype.

The show progresses as usual and in between Sheamus meets Finn Balor and tells him that his main goal of coming here was to see whether Finn stands up to his reputation as being the breakout superstar and tells him that he will be the guest commentator of his match so he can watch closely.

So, the match starts Finn Balor and Apollo Crews both giving a phenomenal match whilst Sheamus is sitting at the commentary booth. and after a 30 or 40 minute match Finn Balor hits the his finisher and wins the match. Now, Apollo and Finn both embrace each other Finn claps as a sign of respect for Apollo and then Apollo leaves the ring. Now, here comes Sheamus with the briefcase and a mic in his hand. Before entering the ring he keeps the briefcase on the steel steps and enters the ring.

He says that Finn lived up to his name and he has seen what a tough competition NXT presents to the roster of the main show i.e. Raw then walks real close towards Finn and says that maybe he is tired of the weak competition he is facing on Raw and then hits Finn with the microphone. Now, Finn has already been through a rigorous match. Both Apollo and Finn took each other to their limits and thus Finn is tired and weak as hell so after getting hit by the microphone he lies there lifeless on the ring. The referee of the match who is checking in on Finn tells Sheamus to leave the ring.

Sheamus exits the ring and takes his briefcase. He starts walking up the ramp but stops and turns around. He looks at the fallen Finn Balor and then looks at his briefcase. He starts walking back to the ring and gives the briefcase to the referee telling him that he wants to cash it in. The referee gives the briefcase to the ring announcer and gives the order to ring the bell. Sheamus removes his T-shirt and uses his singature move Irish Curse on Finn and pins him
Sheamus is the new NXT Champion and the crowd goes nuts. The whole landscape of NXT has been changed.

To be continued….