WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 Predictions

So, on 25th October 2015 WWE will be hosting its PPV Hell in a Cell. Now I am really interested in this particular PPV because of its certain mystery elements like who is going to answer John Cena’s open challenge for the U.S. Championship, Demon Kane going on against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. These two for me are the main attractions for this event.

Now, as I’m doing this “Predictions” thing for the first time I’ll tell you what the outcome should be and why the said outcome should occur.
So, are you ready ? :p

Match Card:-
1.) Pre-Show :- 6 man Tag Match
Participants :- Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville vs. Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett.

Prediction :-

I think the team of Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville will win the match as the Pre-Show matches are always meant as a warm-up to the crowd for the main show. The Possibility of them losing is minimum but not entirely impossible. I must say that all the 6 pariticpants of this match need good story lines especially Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville.

2.) Title match :- The Intercontinental Championship.
Participants :- Kevin Owens vs Ryback

Prediction :-

Kevin Owens will definitely win this one as he has just won the championship at Night of Champions and he brings more life to the championship because of his character and is a much better wrestler than Ryback. I would love to see Owens go against the likes of Neville, Cesaro etc.

3.) Title Match :- The WWE Tag-Team Championship.

Participants :- The New day ( Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods.) vs. The Dudley Boyz (D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley.)

Prediction :-

I think the New Day should retain the championships because of two reasons : The first is that they are a great heel team, and as they said in the last episode of Raw that they really are the only good thing going on in the WWE as of now and the second reason being The Dudley Boyz. I mean do you really want to see veterans who’ve already flourished or do you want to see new young superstars get their opportunities ? I guess we all the answer to that.

4.) Title Match :- The Divas Championship.

Participants :- Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella

Prediction :-

Charlotte will win and that’s all I have to say because this whole “Divas Revolution” angle is now becoming stupid. II would rather watch actual “Women’s” wrestling on NXT instead of watch this soap opera shit.

5.) Singles Match :- Hell in a Cell

Participants :- Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Prediction :-

Ok so this angle started at the Money in the Bank PPV when Bray Wyatt foiled Roman Reigns attempt to win the Ladder match and it has been going on ever since with the inclusion of Luke Harper at Battleground PPV and then Braun Strowman which bought one more man to the fold Dean Ambrose ( who can be utilized for better things rather than being the Robin to Roman’s Batman.) I thought that at Night of Champions where Chris Jericho teamed up with Roman and Ambrose but still failed to defeat the Wyatt Family.

But, now so far so good but this angle actually needs to end. I think they made this match as a singles competition rather than tag team so that it can serve as a “Final Showdown” and I think to create the “Good prevails over Evil” scenario. If this is actually concluding then they might let roman win and close this chapter once and for all.

6.) Title Match :- United States Championship

Participants :- John Cena vs. TBD

Prediction :-

So, news is out that John Cena wants to take a break from WWE and thus he will be transferring the mantle of U.S. Champion to someone else. Now, there are many superstars who are being rumored to answer the “U.S. Open Challenge” ranging from Dean Ambrose to Tyler Breeze. Now, who answers the challenge we will find out only at the PPV. But, whoever answers it will finally get the push they deserve.

7.) Title Match :- WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Participants :- Demon Kane vs. Seth Rollins

Prediction :-

I don’t even know why this angle is being carried out. I mean seriously why is WWE always creating angles which make no sense. But anyways, Demon Kane is set to go against Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match for the title. The stipulation is that if Demon Kane loses then Corporate Kane gets fired from being the Director of Operations, such a stupid angle. But, as I said before that I am interested for this match because I think this will be Seth’s last match as a heel and they will now slowly try to turn him into a babyface. I think Seth Rollins will win the match. ( Duh ! You want Kane to be WWE Champion ? )

8.) Singles Match :- Hell in a Cell

Participants :- Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

Prediction :-

I don’t know why I will have to go through another one these. Undertaker is 50 I know that he might be having a few more matches in him but didn’t anybody learn from what happened to Sting at Night of Champions ? First WWE want to sell Undertaker as a bad guy but they can’t do even that correctly. I guess Brock stands out more as a heel at this point because of such poor character development. I don’t know who will win as I don’t really care about this match.

So, what do you guys think about this ? Comment Below.


The Well of Ascension (Book Review)

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn Book-2)


The Well of Ascension is a high fantasy novel written by Brandon Sanderson and the second book in the Mistborn trilogy.


The Well of Ascension takes place two years after the events of the first book i.e.“The Final Empire”. Vin has defeated the Lord Ruler and has freed the Skaa from oppression. But, now a bigger danger hangs over them, ranging from armies to supernatural forces.


1.) The dialogue is as good as it was in the first book. Brandon Sanderson doesn’t try to create beautiful dialogue or any other artsy shit like that. He writes it in a very easy way which makes reading this book an easy and fun experience.

2.) There is lots of character development in this book. All the characters which we saw in the last book are much mature than they were before.

3.) So this book has some really good fight sequences but the icing on the cake is the politicking going on between various characters. You can see that everyone has a motive for whatever actions they are taking.

4.) There are many new characters in this book and the best thing is that each one of them has their own uniqueness and no character seems the same.

5.) Last but not the least is the tension in this book. You feel as if you are in this environment where everything can fall apart any minute. Trust me the last four or five chapters of this book are full of suspense.


1) Vin is boring ! I know a lot of people who have read this book may hate this comment but seriously she is actually quite Kristen Steward-ish for me in this book. She is only there for advancing the actions scenes I guess. I rather enjoyed reading about the other supporting characters than the main lead. Elend is supposed to be the second lead character but he has more heart in him or rather in simple words he is just interesting to read about.

2.) This book is about 800 pages or so and I actually got quite bored during the first few chapters. But, then as the story progressed it got really interesting.

3.) No Kelsier !!! I know this may sound like fangirling over a character but without Kelsier this book seems to be missing something.

Final Thoughts:

Whoever has read the first book should definitely continue on with the series and those who haven’t read it I don’t know what rock you live under. So, start reading this amazing series ASAP.

Mistborn (Book Review)

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson


Mistborn is a high fantasy novel written by Brandon Sanderson. Brandon Sanderson is well known for his works such as Elantris, Alcatraz and the Librarians, his on-going series The Stormlight Archive and also for completing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Although Mr.Sanderson has worked on many books he is well known among his fans for the Mistborn triology.


The first book “Mistborn” is set in a fictional world created by the author called as “The Final Empire” where ash falls from the sky and which is ruled by the antagonist of the story known as the Lord Ruler. Due to the opression of the Lord Ruler the rich nobelmen mistreat the common people known as the “Skaa”.

Here our protagonist Kelsier a man with a mysterious past, alongwith the help of a girl named Vin plans to overthrow the Lord Ruler using Allomancy.

My Thoughts:

1) Pros:

When I first started this book the first thing that I noticed was the cinematic feel you get by just reading words. From the beginning itself you are given the feeling of being inside the story. The world building is fantastic, the Final Empire is a setting like no other. Each and every little detail is expalined by the author in simple language without confusing the reader.

The story is fast paced with many memorable characters, each having a unique trait about themselves. The magic system has been very carefully explained as it plays a very important role in the story.

The main characters Kelsier and Vin have been thoroughly developed throughout the story. Nothing feels rushed in this book. There is action and drama and also a pinch of humour in the story which keeps the dialogue fresh.

2) Cons:

The things that really bothered me were the fight sequences which somehow left me confused but I guess fight scenes are better expressed in a visual way rather than in writing.

After completing almost 80% of the book I started feeling as if the plot was stretching out a little bit but after I read the ending I felt satisfied.

Overall opinion:

My final opinion is that this book isn’t flawless there are a few hiccups here and there but I genuinly loved this book right from the start to the finish and I would recommend every reader and non-reader to read this book.