The problem with “Movies”.


The term “movie” reminds me of 1 or 2 hours of getting lost in make-believe worlds. But, it seems that bollywood movies are starting to forget that term. I don’t hate Bollywood it’s just that the stories aren’t good nowadays. Hell who am I kidding to captivate an audience for 2 hours is becoming an impossible task for the industry. Be it movies of any genre it’s starting to feel as if we are not even trying to be innovative. Comedy movies have the same formula i.e. Lots of bad puns, weak story, bad acting etc. As for horror movies I guess this problem is seen in both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Nobody is understanding the fact that a horror movie doesn’t succeed because of just “jump scares”. I’ve seen many horror flicks in both the categories and I’m starting to see a pattern that movie makers are just trying to scare the audience by placing jump scares.

A few days ago I saw an Australian movie called “The Babadook”. Now this movie had minimal jump scares, for me there were none but yeah I guess there were one or two jack-in-the-box moments. That film made me tense, I mean I could feel the stress the character was feeling. Now most people will say that “The Conjuring” was a good horror movie. I won’t deny but for me “The Babadook” will remain my most favorite horror movie. It shows that if you have a good story supported by some good actors the movie will turn out great. The sad thing is “The Babadook” has only 6.5 rating or something on IMDB.

The next thing is action movies, I guess these movies just thrive on cars bursting, people jumping at impossible heights etc. For me I guess action movies need a good balance of both fight sequences and story. “The Expendables 1” had very less fight sequences and the story too wasn’t that great which I didn’t enjoy even though the cast consisted of veteran actors. Then they improvised in “The Expendables 2” which had a I won’t say very good but a satisfactory story and the action scenes were good. “Die Hard” is the most loved action movie franchise. But, I guess they just lost interest in the series when they made the fifth one. Bollywood movies, well I won’t say anything about the action movies as the audiences blindly love the action movies and I feel as if I say anything against it people will kill me.

Trailers are the most important mediums when it comes to the time before releasing the film. Trailers can make or break a movie. I remember people complaining about the movie “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling saying that the movie doesn’t have the action scenes as shown in the trailers. People went expecting a “Transporter” kind of movie and got entirely something different. Hence, my advice to you people is that if you avoid watching the trailer to a movie it kinda keeps your expectation meter to neutral which is a good thing or if you do see a trailer and if the trailer is good according to you try to keep your expectation a little lower as sometimes what you see isn’t what you really get.

Stories. We i.e. Bollywood need better stories, either we are making remakes of Korean or American movies or even if we try making a movie on our own we keep the following things in it :-

  1. A rural setting.
  2. An educated or sometimes uneducated protagonist.
  3. A very uneducated antagonist.
  4. A heroine who is always pursuing some Medical degree.
  5. Lots of songs.
  6. Adding a make out scene as Emraan Hashmi has made kissing on the screen cool.
  7. Action scenes.
  8. An essential requirement of the heroine getting kidnapped or the protagonist’s Mother/Father getting killed.
  9. Again lots of action scenes
  10. Either the villain understands his mistake and is spared or gets killed.
  11. The End.

So you probably now understand that we need a lot of new fresh ideas. The movie “Kahaani” showed that if you have a deep and engaging story people will pay to watch that movie even if it doesn’t have any action scenes, very expensive special effects and songs. There are many great Bollywood movies which were loved by the audiences which had minimal action scenes, quite less songs such as A Wednesday, Special 26, Kahaani, Oh My God (OMG!), Taare Zameen Par, Black etc.

The above examples show that if you don’t make haste in the writing process and aren’t releasing movies to just earn money but rather give a good story to the people you will get returns in the form of credibility, as you gain more credibility people will not hesitate to see your movies. I’m not saying that getting returns on the film is not important, this actually reminds me of the trend people have started. Even if the movie is really pathetic people will only see the profit movie had made on the box office. I remember I saw “Ra.One” and that movie was a catastrophe (Sorry SRK ) but people were rather interested in how much money it made. People need to understand that there is a difference between mobile phone companies and movies. Mobile phone companies keep releasing phones on a monthly or bi-monthly bases as they keep on adding new features to it, that’s ok for phone companies. But, when it comes to movies you don’t dish out sequels just because the first movie was good. This really idiotic thing pisses me off either movie makers don’t know the meaning of sequels or they think the audiences are too dumb. Sequels are meant to continue the previous film either by continuing from a cliffhanger or making a new story but keeping the same characters and the same universe while acknowledging the story of the first movie.

“Jannat” was a good movie. I don’t know why they made “Jannat 2” it had nothing to do with the first movie it just had the same lead actor in it and that’s it. The movie could have been called something else but they wanted to cash on the success of “Jannat” so what we get is “Jannat 2”. This should be a wake up call to all the movie makers that the audience is not dumb, we do notice such things.

On a final note I would like to say that if you make a good movie people will pay to watch it, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. If you’re making movies just so you wanna earn money then you need to seriously re-think your philosophy.


The Homeless Boy

The chirping of the birds in the morning indicated that it was dawn. The pavment felt cold, and there weren’t many people on the streets during this moment but later after some hours the streets would filled with cars, motorbikes, pedestrians and even cows. Raghu got up and folded the sheet of cloth which he uses to sleep on, his stomach was grumbling but there was nothing to eat so he tried to satiate his hunger by drinking some water from his crumpled bottle. Raghu wasn’t poor since his birth rather the circumstances had bought him to this point. The dice wasn’t rolling in his favor.

Raghu had been born in an upper middle class family. His father Hari Ram owned a factory which was producing mechanical components for the famous scooter company “India Scooters”. The business was flourishing as the demand for scooters was very high during that time period. His mother due to poor health during the time of his delivery had passed away. He didn’t have the best relation with his father as he had a mild drinking and gambling problem and used to beat Raghu sometimes if he was in a bad mood . Regardless of all this he was attending one of the best english medium schools in the city and got whatever he asked for. But, as they say in Economics “Whatever has the highest demand has the higher supply and vice versa.” the demand for scooters went down with the advent of motorbikes. Due to this the sales of “India Scooters” went down and as time would have it the company filed for bankruptcy. Thus, the supply of components declined and eventually the factory had to be shut down.

His father went into depression, he couldn’t bear the loss and had totally lost faith in himself. As a result he started to drink more and more but no amount of alcohol could contain his anger and disappointment. He had a school degree but he didn’t want to work under anyone as his pride and ego didn’t allow him to do so and due to his father’s ego and arrogance their relations with their relatives had also turned sour and no one would help them. The income stopped, Raghu’s school fees were due and the loan on the new house was pending and several debts were to be paid. But his father took no notice of all this and kept on drinking and gambling whatever money was still left in the hopes that he may win. But, soon the savings declined and as a result of this Raghu’s fees remained unpaid and the school had to expell him. The bank sent a legal notice declaring Hari Ram as a defaulter and started to take over their property. Hence, he and his father had to leave the house.

Raghu experienced a mild pain in his head while reminiscing about those times. His father had gone somewhere but still hadn’t returned. He grew worried for him and thought maybe he again went to some seedy bar in the unsafe parts of the city to get drunk but he knew that they had no money so getting a drink wasn’t possible. Then the thought of reporting to the police came to him. It seemed like the most logical thing to do as two days had passed. So, he took his sheet and started walking to the nearest police station he could find. He asked some people passing by for the directions but no one seemed to be paying heed to him. Finally after roaming around the entire morning he reached the police station in the afternoon. He went inside and asked the constable sleeping on the bench about how he could file a report. But, the constable seemed to be in a very deep sleep and wouldn’t wake up even if he tried to budge him. He found an officer sitting on a desk eating lunch,’my father is missing’ he said but still he paid no attention the officer was much interested in eating his lunch. His own stomach grumbled but finding his father was the main priority.

He sat on a bench he found outside the police station and started to cry. Then suddenly a thought occured to him. What if his father had come and as he couldn’t find Raghu went searching for him. So, he stopped crying wiped his tears and went running back to the place where he had slept. When he reached there he couldn’t find his father so he thought of waiting for him here and so he sat against the wall with his eyes closed.

After being evicted from their house Raghu and his father took refuge in a hotel in one of the most seedy areas of the city. His father got themselves a room by striking a deal with the manager that Raghu will do the dishes and the cleaning. Hari Ram told Raghu that he has to obey the manager and if the manager reports that he didn’t listen to him he would be thoroughly beaten. Raghu due to the fear of the beating went to work and Hari Ram went to get himself a drink the nearby bar by loaning some money from the manager whilst ingonring the fact that his son might be hungry and needs dinner. Raghu went to work and the manager made him do the dishes and even made him clean the toilets. The manager was the most evil person he had seen and would slap raghu if he didn’t wash the dishes properly. His father didn’t seem to mind that and whatever money Raghu recieved from the manager at the end of the week his father would take it and spend it on liquor.

One day Hari Ram tried stealing money from the manager’s closet and got caught red handed. He received a severe beating at the hands of the manager and was thrown out of the hotel. Thus, again Raghu and his father were without a roof on the top of their heads.

They both slept on the pavment by the road for a few days. Raghu tried to get some odd jobs at construction sites and whatever he would earn would be snatched away by Hari Ram. One evening Raghu went along with his father to one of his outings at the bar. His father had his drinks and they both left the bar. It was very late at night and the streets were rather empty. They were walking through a deserted alley and suddenly they were surrounded by three men each holding a hockey stick in their hands. Hari Ram immediatley recognized the three figures in front of him. Apparently he had taken some money from these people by promising them to triple their money by playing cards. But, things didn’t work out from him and had been avoiding the three ever since. Now they finally caught hold of him and now it was time for payback.

Raghu opened his eyes, it was evening and no signs of his father anywhere. He thought of finally checking out the bar or he would have to return to the police station again. He began walking, this time more worried and feeling a bit cold. When he reached the bar he saw that people were crowded around the area of the alley. He pushed his way ahead and immediately looking at the scene in front of him gave out a big scream.

What he saw were the bodies of him and his father lying dead on the ground.